About Us

Zenith International (ZI) was established in 2009, when its founder Dr. S. Ahmad started his consulting services. Dr. S. Ahmad received his Ph.D from University of Illinois, USA after more than 30 years experience in expert consulting, academia, code writing bodies, and consulting for various public and private agencies, he established the firm with a vision to provide the best engineering practices for the nation’s infrastructure.

Consulting engineering profession in Pakistan service all sectors of the industry. The Company is one of the few that bring the international experience to the consulting services domain in Pakistan. With its international linkage, the company has the capability of provide all type of engineering design services and is poised to play a significant role in the development of national resources in this field.

Company Profile

Zenith International is multidisciplinary Design and Engineering Services Consulting Company. Zenith International was founded by Dr. S. Ahmad who has over 30 years of experience in civil infrastructure systems. Zenith International is a diversified consulting company with expertise in various disciplines of civil infrastructure. Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Zenith International specializes in offering cost effective and innovative engineering solutions to the clients. The Company is supported by highly specialized international expert companies that have formed liaisons for civil infrastructure works in Pakistan. Dr. Ahmad established this company in Karachi, Pakistan with a vision to collaborate with other International Companies/firms for Projects in Pakistan.

Zenith International provides services for new construction as well as existing constructed facilities. Services include feasibility studies, materials testing and evaluation, condition assessment services, repair, retrofit, rehabilitation and strengthening, forensic engineering, architectural engineering, structural engineering, transportation structures including bridges, highways and expressways, pavements, specialized parking lots, tunnel designs, dams and irrigation structures, bill of quantities and tendering, , environmental engineering, "green engineering", construction management with onsite supervision, total quality management with quality assurance and quality control, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

The Company has competent and experienced associated professional staff and technical resources to be responsive and timely. The Company uses the services of International Associates including US consultants in special technical areas, such as anti-terrorist/force protection, fire protection engineering. All key members of the Company staff have professional experience with the U.S. criteria based design of various sizes and complexities. The company is equipped with software/programs for architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer graphics. It has the ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. The company has the ability to optimize construction cost, time, quality, function, aesthetics, operating and maintenance costs. The company can also provide value engineering Services that is focused and sensitive to life-cycle cost analysis. The company can leverage appropriate talents and resources of associate sub-consultants to accomplish the resources for infrastructure projects.